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AI Trend Report

The AI Pulse of Gen-Z: Gen-Z's Unfiltered Truth About AI

Gen-Z, the digital-native generation, holds the key to the future as Al permeates every facet of our lives. To navigate the transformative impact of Al and effectively prepare Gen-Z for the Al-driven world, understanding their perceptions and attitudes is paramount.

We conducted a survey of 2,442 Gen-Z Picnic users to gain insights into their understanding, utilization, and concerns about Artificial Intelligence. We will uncover how Gen-Z embraces Al, address their concerns, and shape a future where Al empowers and safeguards the next generation.

Key findings from The AI Pulse of Gen-Z report can be broken down into four sections: understands AI,
likes AI, fears AI and empowered by AI.

AI Awareness and Application – Gen-Z Has Both:

  • 82.6% of those surveyed were previously aware of AI technology

  • 77.6% have already used AI technology

Can AI Be Artistic? Gen-Z Thinks So:

  • 24% of those surveyed have used AI in school

  • Nearly half of surveyed users wouldn't think less of creators who use AI

  • 43.5% consider using AI-made pictures as art

Ring the Alarm – Gen-Z Shares Worries on AI Adoption:

  • 45% of survey participants are concerned AI could replace their parents’ jobs, or the professions they are interested in

  • 45.4% are worried AI could be used to impersonate them, and 59.8% are worried about what data an AI collects

  • 55.2% are concerned their personal photos could be used in an AI to create sexually explicit or inappropriate images

AI and Gen-Z – Two Powers Slated to Change the World:

  • 44.5% of participants believe AI will change the world

  • Only 10.7% of participants believed that AI would not be a good thing for society or the world

“The AI Pulse of Gen-Z report shows that today’s teenagers are tech savvy and aware of the impact AI
will have on their lives and society at large. This generation will grow up, evolve and help shape this
technology’s future and how it will be used,” said Nico Laqua, CEO of Picnic. "With the AI market
expected to reach $407 billion by 2027, this study will be an integral tool for future AI developments,
considering Gen-Z thoughts, feelings and concerns surrounding the technology.
At Picnic, we are
building an ecosystem where Gen-Z can safely navigate the digital world and with the findings of this
report, we will strive to ensure our future AI integrations empower and educate our users.”

Survey Methodology:
Picnic released The AI Pulse of Gen-Z in June of 2023. Picnic obtained data from approximately 2,422
Picnic users over the age of 13 about their AI use habits and attitudes through a survey. All data included
refers to teenage or Gen-Z Picnic users, except where noted. Quotes included in this report are taken
from survey responses to open-ended questions. Some quotes have been edited for clarity and/or

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