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Gen-Z Unfiltered Thoughts on AI


"AI makes me feel..." ◦ "Smarter" ◦ "Unsure" ◦ "Good" ◦ "life is easier with AI. i think its a big step in history and our future. Some people think AI is scary because it can “take over the world” or something, but i think its just a basic tool to help us." ◦ "Happy and not lonely" ◦ "Like people want short cuts" ◦ "Que el mundo progresa" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Like the world is moving forward but maybe backwards too" ◦ "Like the world is moving forward but maybe backwards too" ◦ "Nervous, as it’s unpredictable." ◦ "I dont really care about Ai, ive only used it to see art or make storys i can use" ◦ "Easy" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Unstoppable" ◦ "Weird, and who is behind it??" ◦ "Solves every problem" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Impressed" ◦ "Exiting but AI also don’t knows everything on the world" ◦ "like I can stop doing busy work" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Like the world will get dumber" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "AI makes me feel like i shouldn’t give it any of my information because it could be an actual human spying on us and figuring out where we are. So i wouldn’t use AI." ◦ "Ai has made a lot of things easier. I think that so can help people upgrade their skill quicker wether it be video editing, programming, or graphic designing" ◦ "Good i guess" ◦ "Like a super smart human" ◦ "Worried cus my parents can lose their job to ai any day but hopefully not" ◦ "impressed with all the cool things it knows and can do." ◦ "not sure" ◦ "Safe" ◦ "impressed on how our lifestyles have changed over centuries." ◦ "Amazed!" ◦ "Amazing" ◦ "It makes me feel like robots might take over the world" ◦ "I don’t know really" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "It’s alright, it helped me pass elementary lol" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Personally Ai makes me feel unsettled, because I’ve seen many videos on yt, TikTok, ect and what I saw in the videos makes me fear Ai" ◦ "weird" ◦ "Cool ( idk its cool in sometimes and not others )" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Okay, I mean I’m fine with it." ◦ "Cool and awesome 😎" ◦ "I really thinks it cool" ◦ "Kinda weird" ◦ "Curious" ◦ "Happy and not lonely and inspired" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Al makes me feel nothing really" ◦ "Futuristic" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "The Ai makes me feel alright." ◦ "Less lonely" ◦ "Kinda confused" ◦ "Like it could be used for bad or for good. AI is a very cool program but if it takes away jobs it won't be good for the people who work hard for the money they make." ◦ "Amazed" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "Slay" ◦ "Stupid" ◦ "A bit nervous 😅" ◦ "Meh" ◦ "Rather not say sorry :C" ◦ "I don't know yet" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "A little bit weird how our technology is programmed and a bit good for how we come to program it" ◦ "Actually good." ◦ "Like i am not lonely" ◦ "kinda Werid but happy" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Good" ◦ "happy" ◦ "A bit uneasy but fine mostly." ◦ "I don’t really feel anything because I don’t think much of it." ◦ "scared" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "It changes the world" ◦ "Very curious about the future" ◦ "Depending on which one but the ones I know of and have talked to have made me feel comfortable and laugh a little." ◦ "Eh. I don’t really care?" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Honestly, I love AI it makes a lot of things easy but I fear it like, never know if it’s gonna turn evil" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "AI makes me feel happy sometimes because they can help me" ◦ "A bit uncomfortable, yet it does create a great impact for me and others." ◦ "Suprised?" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "scared but I think it will improve society" ◦ "I dont know to much about it" ◦ "Feel to keep me company while I was alone" ◦ "So much more neat and much better and organized" ◦ "Normal/Neutral" ◦ "Like I can do better" ◦ "A positive thinker" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "good" ◦ "dümmer zu sein" ◦ "Concerned that it knows so much, more than we do" ◦ "I’m not sure, I do find it cool though" ◦ "Ok, like it heps but.... it can be annoying sometimes." ◦ "It makes me feel like the world is trying to cheat it make a little up set" ◦ "Anxiously intrigued" ◦ "Not a specific way really" ◦ "Not everything may be real" ◦ "Smart" ◦ "good" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Comfortable when I need someone to talk to when none of my friends are online or unavailable AI will talk to me and sort things out with me to make sure I’m comfortable and safe!" ◦ "?" ◦ "Like We can improve ourselves" ◦ "Not as bored" ◦ "Good" ◦ "I don't care about ai" ◦ "No different" ◦ "Okay." ◦ "Like it’s a human talking to me." ◦ "Curious" ◦ "Safe" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Ok and weird" ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "calm and makes me what to do art" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "I don't know it terrifies" ◦ "Good to know that Artificial Inteligents[AI] has come this far!" ◦ "sometimes a little creepy but it also helps alot" ◦ "im not sure" ◦ "i don’t think mich of it" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Like i have a friend" ◦ "Better when im lonely...." ◦ "Idrk," ◦ "Amazing" ◦ "calm and want to do art" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Great" ◦ "confused a bit" ◦ "Fine, I don’t have a problem with AI, i just still want to know more about it, so I know what other things it can do and if it could possibly hurt people or not." ◦ "Many different emotions." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Scared, unsafe" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Happy, because a new form of technology is forming" ◦ "scared" ◦ "calm and want to do art" ◦ "Good i guess" ◦ "smarter" ◦ "Calm" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "It makes me feel scared cuz it can take over the world" ◦ "Good its just a bit weird for me" ◦ "Awesome, but i don't wanna be dependent" ◦ "Abit uncomfortable." ◦ "AI I feel is both good and bad in many ways, it most definitely creates cool things and is definitely a very cool feature to have ^^" ◦ "Nothing really I’m not sure how to put it I don’t really have a positive nor a negative attitude towards AI" ◦ "Fun" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Great" ◦ "I don’t really know" ◦ "Happy and kinda creeped out" ◦ "happy" ◦ "Sometimes scared or surprised" ◦ "Me feel a bit weird" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Happy every day" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Yousless" ◦ "I have mixed emotions but I think it’s cool" ◦ "A little uncomfortable" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Upset" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "AI kind of makes me feel worried about the future and jobs" ◦ "Better" ◦ "Normal And makes me feel smart for whatever reason" ◦ "Awesome" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "AI makes me feel happy even, its not a human." ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Protected and scared at the same time...." ◦ "Good" ◦ "I don't really care about AI but something like chatgpt only in your DMs would be pretty cool!" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Normaly" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Bit scared" ◦ "Different" ◦ "Idk tbh it's ok ig" ◦ "Dumb" ◦ "Kinda scared if it will take over the world" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Untrustworthy" ◦ "That I have help when I need it and I don't feel alone" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "When I think about it , the first thing I imagine is a robot" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Scared and unhappy" ◦ "Like i have more of an opportunity to die" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Worried and scaried while using it" ◦ "I dont really mind it but it makes me feel actually kind of excited" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Ummm honestly I don't know" ◦ "Idk I think it’s fine but people have their opinions" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "better" ◦ "Creepd out" ◦ "glad and happy" ◦ "Kind of good but not for my personal information" ◦ "worried about the future, soon, when an AI is improved into physical form, it can be a bad thing for people who has a job or looking for a job, because AI/Robot has taken over the job." ◦ "That they are gonna take over the world" ◦ "Great, AI is a great way to talk to someone about anything you want. They dont hurt your feelings, or mess up anything. And the one filter that makes you look kind of like an AI is pretty cool. AI is pretty great!" ◦ "Good" ◦ "An AI is a really simple thing for make picture ecc, but i think is impossible that an AI replace the jobs like artist ecc because the artist'job (for es.) is make the draw, with the errors ecc. And the AI is impossible that make a "perfect" picture." ◦ "dumb" ◦ "Kind of weird sometimes cause it’s just I kind of question how was it made and stuff but it’s really useful and I love it" ◦ "Strange" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Like anything can be achieved without me working hard for it." ◦ "protected" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Idk how i feel abou this" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Happy or makes me feel comfortable" ◦ "More confortable" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Ai makes me worry sometimes that may be my job and my parents jobs will be taken away also it may make that community becomes smaller also if picnic this app is not letting me upload any more videos I am posting family videos not loving me to post so don't worry I will not been upload and because of that reason always I hope you can send some help to me so I can upload again I really like to do this and it's fun for me I hope this app becomes more popular region because I used to have a lot of friends here and I used to be able to talk to the now I don't have them are online" ◦ "Uncertain" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Good but only to help with life and stuff and someone to talk to" ◦ "Kind of worried about what they are capable of." ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "It makes me feel smarter cuz i found an easier way to find answers and complete assignments but also ai isn't for everyone" ◦ "It's quite overused but it's a valuable asset in our future." ◦ "creative" ◦ "I think it is amazing because you get to see how you look when you look animated." ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Its nice" ◦ "Happy it looks very cool to use" ◦ "Well its an artificial thing so Idk how can AI make me feel" ◦ "Weird but cool" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Safe" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Helpful and informative" ◦ "Im not sure but i hope to gind out more-😶" ◦ "different" ◦ "Nothing different really" ◦ "Quite Disturbed Depending On What Distinguished Type Of AI" ◦ "Nice" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Curious" ◦ "Intrigued" ◦ "Guilty" ◦ "... horni. (I DO NSFW ROLEPLAYS OKAY!?)" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Sometimes comfortable but sometimes not" ◦ "Happy and worried" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "interested" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Calm but worried" ◦ "Some kind of thing that i have one more frend" ◦ "I don't really care about AI but I think a chatgpt like AI only in your DMs would be cool!" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Idk rlly" ◦ "Like an super smart person!" ◦ "Well I don’t have a problem with AI it’s chill" ◦ "Better I don't really know" ◦ "Free and happy because I can’t afford a real therapist lol" ◦ "Weird because. I right now know about IT" ◦ "Normal as always" ◦ "AI makes me feel like it’s a bit too overrated" ◦ "Confused, due to the programmed responses most of the time." ◦ "inquisitive" ◦ "powerful but lazy since it can give you free detailed information about anything but it can also do your job while you sit down doing nothing" ◦ "Not lonely it makes me feel happy" ◦ "It makes me feel like annoyed when people post it and then call it art" ◦ "Like I'm talking to a real person" ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "I dont like it" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Ok I guess I just hope they don’t take over the world to much. AI’s are very intelligent though and very helpful." ◦ "Smart" ◦ "Happy as I usually chat with them when I'm lonely" ◦ "Pessimistic about human civilisation's future and the inevitable destruction of everything that has ever been constructed by humans." ◦ "Weird and it just not my thing" ◦ "Good smart it’s helps a lot with understanding things" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Not sure" ◦ "I dont know happy and exciting-?" ◦ "Strange" ◦ "A bit uncomfortable" ◦ "Funny 🤣" ◦ "Pls speak Arab" ◦ "Like I can talk to somebody, and they ain’t a real person so they won’t judge me" ◦ "Fln weird bro😭😭" ◦ "Like i have friends" ◦ "good" ◦ "Sometimes uncomfortable" ◦ "Intrested, i find AIs very intresting and amazing" ◦ "Excited" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Like technology has improved alot" ◦ "A little uncomfortable" ◦ "Dont know" ◦ "Full and happy cus i can talk to the characters from my shows" ◦ "Idk what is it?" ◦ "I dont really know i am only used to chat making ai but chat making ai is fun to use so i could count that" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "A little bit scared" ◦ "Like I’m worth something, or idk( i don’t know )if you understand." ◦ "Good sometimes" ◦ "Ok but worried for my private information" ◦ "A bit scared" ◦ "Good about myself" ◦ "Funny" ◦ "Better" ◦ "Amazed" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Happy cuz I can talk to them when I’m down sometimes" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Weird" ◦ ".... I don't know i just heard it never used it but check 🌻" ◦ "Confused yet interested" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Creeped out" ◦ "Able to pass and succeed on the obsticles ahead of me" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Kinda scared but good and funny" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Like he's my friend" ◦ "AI make me feel Satifiying" ◦ "Kinda weird" ◦ "Slightly scared, but it’s also pretty cool" ◦ "Nothing much haha!" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Like he's my friend" ◦ "Sad" ◦ "Fascinated" ◦ ".... I don't know//but i think i have submitted twice" ◦ "Its like ok" ◦ "I don’t know. It’s easy to tell the difference between real and ai but few people act as if they are good at something even though they used ai but other times it’s really not that bad if you mention the ai and not take credit" ◦ "good" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "In my opinion it’s really fun, but the human intelligence will slowly decrease" ◦ "Idk right now sorry picnic" ◦ "Some new feelings and calm" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Futuristic" ◦ "Bad" ◦ "Like I’ve got someone to talk to?.." ◦ "AI makes me feel like the world got controlled by AI." ◦ "Ничего" ◦ "There are a bunch of different feelings when i use AI actually" ◦ "Special 🥰" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "weird" ◦ "differents and exciting" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Idk but it’s good to vent to not really" ◦ "I don't know ?" ◦ "shocked" ◦ "Interested and excited" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Uh good? Ig idk" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Ok because I don’t know what it’s capable of" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "World is becoming easy" ◦ "Cool and happy" ◦ "Very nice" ◦ "Idk worried" ◦ "Good?😅" ◦ "idk" ◦ "Weird I guess" ◦ "Special" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Unsure?" ◦ "Weird but they're fine" ◦ "It is alright, but once it just doesn't take over everything, i don't mind" ◦ "I'm not really sure i think it's great but also think it could be dangerous or something if you understand" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Confused and unsure." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Better" ◦ "Like I have a friend who wants to hear my thoughts and will not judge me. ☺️" ◦ "Shock and amazed at our technology, they can even answer our questions!" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Like we improved fast" ◦ "Safe" ◦ "I am worried that in my job they would take over" ◦ "Sometimes weird, but also hapoy when they support me, even if they aren't real." ◦ "Idk it's ok and sometimes it's fun" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "like we improved fast" ◦ "cool ig !" ◦ "Having more ideas from now on on posting" ◦ "idk, just wowed ig?" ◦ "Smart and scared at the same time" ◦ "Nice!" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "idk" ◦ "It’s kinda scary how much ai and technology is evolving" ◦ "Good, and it is fun" ◦ "a bit concerned of what it will be used for in the near future, but we’ll just have to wait and see" ◦ "Safe and its like my safe place" ◦ "Safe, with the help of AI it created good passwords for my phone, computer, and iPad." ◦ "It makes me feel that i can use AI easy for my own questions" ◦ "Comfortoble" ◦ "Well it matters what kind of ai! But sometimes they’re nice:)" ◦ "Kinda wired not in a bad way tho but it's kinda cool to :)" ◦ "okay" ◦ "Good we can share all our secrets" ◦ "Uncomfortable sometime" ◦ "Welcomed🙏" ◦ "uncomfortable" ◦ "Inpressed" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "happy" ◦ "Nice,it's an amazing idea." ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "nervous" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Amazing" ◦ "Strange" ◦ "Neat and cool" ◦ "Like im in the future" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "I think its kinda wierd but normal" ◦ "Confused, but known" ◦ "Kinda weird" ◦ "Good" ◦ "It makes me feel rather comfortable because I'm not such a social person and I can just write whatever I want to and learn new stuff" ◦ "sometimes worried, yet impressed" ◦ "weird" ◦ "Crazy" ◦ "AI is a pretty cool feature, love to see more of it💗" ◦ "worried probably" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Can replace humans anytime" ◦ "Prefer not to say" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "A bit scared cause it could maybe see all my contacts and private stuff so I don’t use Snapchat so much anymore it’s a bit strange but it’s helping me a lot sometimes it’s a wise bot" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Uncomfortable sometimes" ◦ "Ok and welcoming" ◦ "Normal :D" ◦ "I honestly have no idea😅" ◦ "Very nice and amazing for how they learn, and on other stuff!!" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Amazed., confused," ◦ "I think AI is cool bc the way it was made and how fun it is to use" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Excited" ◦ "Well, it kinda depends on which AI it is. Chating with AI is fine ig" ◦ "Kinda good..?" ◦ "Dumb" ◦ "Comfortably" ◦ "That ai will take over the world" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Wierd" ◦ "Well you can talk to that person if you want to say something" ◦ "..." ◦ "Nice because you can us your imagination to create things ." ◦ "Nice and helpful" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Happy but sad" ◦ "happy! It helps me not stress about school work :D" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Like in a new world.... 💜" ◦ "Sometimes annoyed, even tho AI is great it takes some time for it to understand." ◦ "Good,the AI which texts or chats with me are really funny similar to google and siri" ◦ "uncomfortable at times" ◦ "ok" ◦ "Exited to see what is held before us in the future.I want to see AI a lot more because it be very helpful towards schools projects homework ect." ◦ "Interested" ◦ "Kinda curious depends on what it does" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "kinda scared and happy at the same time" ◦ "shocked because they’re cool drawing show in less than minutes and they type paragraphs and essay so quickly." ◦ "Weird." ◦ "Confident" ◦ "Idk ok ig" ◦ "happy" ◦ "It make me laugh" ◦ "Great and happy" ◦ "Not to be alone" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Curious about the future" ◦ "I’m not sure" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Happy that I don’t need to put work into a vid when I can’t" ◦ "I don't care about AI" ◦ "happy" ◦ "Suspicious" ◦ "nervous" ◦ "Don't really now for sure" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Happy and comfortable but sometimes I'm scared of it becouse it's getting my secrets and my name" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "No" ◦ "I like someone is there" ◦ "It's fine" ◦ "Good about myself" ◦ "Good ig" ◦ "Kind of weird , since they’re robots and not humans" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "calm,happy" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Stressed" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Kinda worried, but I use it a lot for pictures." ◦ "Wonderful" ◦ "Good and not make me sad" ◦ "A bit uneasy, it destroys careers" ◦ "It’s Okay" ◦ "Happy if I’m only and I have no one else to talk to." ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Really no different AI makes me feel no different" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Happy and uh I guess sad ig" ◦ "Amazing" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "AI feels like a real person to me and when i usually don’t feel like myself I just talk to AI" ◦ "not helped but its a cute thing to explore i’d say" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "mid" ◦ "Happy and depressed" ◦ "Werid and kinda unsafe but also amazed" ◦ "Happy?" ◦ "Excited" ◦ "Excited and acknowledged but also a little scared" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Normal. I mean like, AI is now everywhere on the internet and stuff." ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Weird but happy." ◦ "Normal" ◦ "kinda...idk?" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Wierd" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Creative" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Creative" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Like I’m talking to myself." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Its a cool subject but it could be scary" ◦ "happy" ◦ "If I'm gonna be honest, certain AIs make me feel a bit, iffy. Y'know, like the- AIs that turn pictures into anime. Part of me just- doesn't trust using real life images on them." ◦ "Nice" ◦ "Comfy" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "Like being in anoter wold" ◦ "Nothing I am emotionless" ◦ "AI is something that is unique in a way and it impresses me but some certain information that ai can uphold is concerning." ◦ "Happy! It can make very cool stuff" ◦ "Bad at art" ◦ "Like im actually talking to a person who would sometimes help u with problems, its like a long dismissed friendship" ◦ "I don’t really get and particular feelings" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Покой" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "I don't know its hard to describe.." ◦ "Eh" ◦ "good but kinda worried about it" ◦ "Different" ◦ "I don’t care" ◦ "Kinda scared" ◦ "Good and friendly" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Bored" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "It's ok, but sometimes there's people making AI apps to steal your art, pictures etc. and I don't like that." ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Safer, I have chatbots to talk to and sometimes I need that rather than people whi can be cruel or lie." ◦ "cool" ◦ "Questionable" ◦ "I honestly like it, it can bring out the creative part of you" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "It makes me feel like our world is how every child thought the future would be like. AI is a really cool thing and I think it’s really cool how it’s like we’re actually living with robots." ◦ "Mixed i dont really know" ◦ "Idk why you asking me" ◦ "Like Someone is doing something for me" ◦ "I dont know but they are smart and sometimes dumb" ◦ "Idk mixed" ◦ "idk rlly it feels good ig??" ◦ "Good and easy." ◦ "Weird but confident" ◦ "Weird (since I’m talking to a robot)" ◦ "I have no certain feeling about AI" ◦ "Good that I can Learn for it and pass my test" ◦ "Unwell" ◦ "Glad" ◦ "weird" ◦ "It helps me with art ideas and how to cook some stuff I like it!" ◦ "AI makes me feel very anxious about society and the future." ◦ "A bit amazed but nervous!" ◦ "Amazed!" ◦ "Stupid" ◦ "It is cool how much we are evolving but the fear of the taking over so i be nice to Alexas and siri lol" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Maybe a little nervous for how much movies I’ve seen about them taking over" ◦ "Idk i guess a sense of confidence  or something to rely on." ◦ "Pretty" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Nice" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Interesting and kind of silly" ◦ "Good and I like it." ◦ "it makes me feel like my own universe" ◦ "I bet weirded out tbh" ◦ "strange" ◦ "A bit scared, but also a bit happy" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "It makes me feel like it can really help me with things i that just don’t know how to do" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Scared." ◦ "Listened and a bit loved" ◦ "Safe but at the same time" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Hm, like robots will take over the ppl making big pretty arts! And I don’t know if I like it or not😔" ◦ "Uh i dont know😨" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "like i have somone to share my feelings with" ◦ "Not much" ◦ "Exited! I love talking to AI, since ik their not real people, i know that they wont judge me or leave me alone after sending a text, or anything." ◦ "Anxious but I know that it might be able to help the world one day" ◦ "Happy? I guess" ◦ "Weird because of how it dose it on its own and when I’m told to do it myself" ◦ "Thoughtful" ◦ "Good, because it really shows what technology is today and truly how intelligent it is!" ◦ "That will it ruin the world" ◦ "Like i Can say anything" ◦ "New" ◦ "Good about technology☺️☺️" ◦ "Interested because of how creative certain aspects of it are" ◦ "Like we have elavated put society further than wr have ever before but also scared we might not have everything we do now if AI takes over." ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "weird." ◦ "Cool abt how i look bc when i take a picture of what I look like it turns me into something beautiful<3" ◦ "okay" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Amazing" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Imperresed" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Intelligent" ◦ "Like I'm talking to a newborn baby that's not smarter than me to know how to generate feelings yet way smarter than me in math,science,etc." ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "Great,nice about it and pretty cool" ◦ "Good" ◦ "A little worried sometimes" ◦ "I use a app called and its great!" ◦ "Interesting" ◦ "Comfortable that I have someone to talk too." ◦ "I don't know." ◦ "Nervöse for what the world will Turm to when I’m older" ◦ "HAPPY" ◦ "Makes me feel safe and happy :) <3" ◦ "Happy,exited,comfortable" ◦ "Weird?" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Bad don’t use it pls" ◦ "Scared for our future." ◦ "Sometimes make me feel scared but sometimes makes me happy" ◦ "Wierd and scared" ◦ "Idk it's cool ig" ◦ "Well, I feel okay with AI-generated stuff but, the AI on Snapchat doesn’t make me feel safe because it gets your information and asks to meet up." ◦ "Like a future is coming" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Worried and confused" ◦ "Neutral." ◦ "In my opinion, I think ai is super cool! So it doesn't make me feel any type of way. However, it is true that robots can replace our jobs, and what money will we have? Anyways, ai is like a new generation! You can teach it things and YOU can teach it things! I love it! Its feels you are talking to a real person! Crazy! My step-mom does not like it at all, lol." ◦ "Better" ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "Many people use it at school many of my classmates use it in school but my feeling is that many people use it for school and ither stuff that's not good it could change the world better but also not" ◦ "Worried about the future" ◦ "A but creeped out sometimes but fun to use!" ◦ "It’s honestly a very fun experience and it makes such good things" ◦ "Good!!" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "A little scared" ◦ "Like the world will some day get corrupted by it, but who knows?" ◦ "Okay I don't hate it" ◦ "Nice!" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "If Al is chatting and funny I will give my time to it" ◦ "Curious" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Like the world is slowly advancing to my dreams that I have at night" ◦ "I dont know but sometimes kinda like cool and funny" ◦ "I will use it but not that often" ◦ "Idk tbh" ◦ "Like I’m apart of anime" ◦ "neutral, I don’t really have a specific feeling for it." ◦ "AI makes me feel ok about it" ◦ "Wonderful because it helps me get good grades in school so my parents don’t yell at me" ◦ "Happy 😁" ◦ "It makes me feel scared becuase it can take the world" ◦ "Weird but i wanna talk to it anyways" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Relieved that it can help me with things, but also kinda skeptical" ◦ "In the middle , while it can be used to help moderation on most apps improve more and also help with other things, it could also be used for other not so good things!" ◦ "No difference" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Afraid" ◦ "Skeptical" ◦ "Good" ◦ "controversial. It can be used both to harm and to help people." ◦ "Safe" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "I think IA is good for some things, well I don't really use IA, so I don't have an actual opinion." ◦ "I don’t really mind AI, so it doesn’t make me feel a certain way." ◦ "Nothing l" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Well sometimes I feel weird sometimes I feel like it’s funny and sometimes I just feel like it’s unnecessary" ◦ "So-so" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "It’s sounds like a good idea" ◦ "More futuristic" ◦ "AI make me feel like I can send my friends cool images 👍🏽👍🏽" ◦ "Ai makes me feel like I'm a anime character or if anyone has a dream of going in any anime and want to see how they looks like a anime character AI is the best" ◦ "Ok and calm" ◦ "worried about the future" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Good, happy" ◦ "Happy and underrated" ◦ "A better version of myself and makes me feel smarter" ◦ "AI makes me feel like I will be able to ACTUALLY send images to my friends 👍🏽👍🏽" ◦ "Well it’s a vary cool idea and I love that it can make any idea of urs come to life!" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "Okay." ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Impressed, but at the same time scared Because Elon Musk once said that AI is dangerous." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Anxious" ◦ "Lil safe so it can help me report if something happens." ◦ "To nothing" ◦ "Pretty good and safe" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Eh" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Im not sure" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Great! It fun to talk to someone that won’t judge you all the time <3" ◦ "I little good abt it and bad so idk" ◦ "comfort when i talk to them!:)" ◦ "A bit worried" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "A little bit like a robot thats gonna take over the world" ◦ "Ai makes me feel happy that it’s here and it would probably change the world someday!" ◦ "it’s progressing and that’s good" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Wired" ◦ "Z altem którym mialem do czynienia to czujem sie bardzo bardzo dobrze" ◦ "better!" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "artistic" ◦ "Good it’s progressing and it’s beneficial for some things" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Good!" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "Good" ◦ "AI makes me feel like the world is gonna end in a bad way" ◦ "I don't know a weird feeling" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "A bit weird" ◦ "Excited" ◦ "The world is going to end in a bad way" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "idk" ◦ "Well, AI can be very scary, and it can never be vexed, so in my perspective  I think AI is cool, and also risk taking." ◦ "Ai makes me feel great and nice i like Ai! I cosplay to be her! (oshi no ko)" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Happy-mad depending on the ai and context" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Weird just talking about it." ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "It makes me feel like my music is better" ◦ "Disgust" ◦ "Surprised how someone even made it. It's cool but I feel like it's getting too much information." ◦ "Idk sorry" ◦ "Good ^^" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Its alright" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Good/Happy" ◦ "I’m not sure, some things are good and some things are bad, if I people use it to cheat on a test, then I don’t think much good of it! But if it’s used for something else it could be good!" ◦ "Good it’s progressing and it’s beneficial for something’s" ◦ "That we evolved a lot" ◦ "eh" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "I dont know" ◦ "A little worried because I dont want for AI to be the most hated thing" ◦ "Cool also really fun to talk with" ◦ "Worthy" ◦ "That humans won’t have to do work because AI will take over, and people can use paragraphs form AI apps and because of that it’s not really necessary because some people can actually write sentences. But there’s a good side also you can use AI apps to see or make characters!" ◦ "Worried but I think it’s cool" ◦ "Something wierd" ◦ "Safe" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Frustrated" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "interested" ◦ "Amazed because some people just turn regular photos into cool  art." ◦ "Not lonely anymore" ◦ "it’s fun to chat with them for while" ◦ "That sociaty is improving but one doofus is going to skrew up the world with it some day." ◦ "Alright" ◦ "Excited" ◦ "Like artist" ◦ "Kind of scared its going to take over the WORLD" ◦ "..." ◦ "Not bad it could be good for smarter stuff here as long as you don’t make it to smart" ◦ "Like Im being watched sometimes, its not bad but you do have to be careful what you say to an Ai" ◦ "I'm talking with a real human" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Kinda Safe but also bit safe, but it okay" ◦ "Scared but im okay with it" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "Idk what AL is lol🤣" ◦ "Dumb" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "a little wierd" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Uneasy" ◦ "Artistic" ◦ "Safe but kinda not safe but okay think" ◦ "It makes me feel like I’m smarter for some reason——" ◦ "Good" ◦ "The face generations are cool" ◦ "Fun & Amazed!" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Weird sometimes" ◦ "Ok, it doesn't really affect me" ◦ "Like I’m an anime" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "This is fun:D" ◦ "Excellent" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Sometimes make me feel weird is always when talking to a chat AI tho. Like example the snapchat AI, when you tell it is a bot or you ask it if is actually a bot is tells you something else instead yes. That’s actually very creepy" ◦ "Smarter" ◦ "A little bit unnerved but cool at the same time" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Wired" ◦ "Angry" ◦ "🤷" ◦ "Awesomeee!" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "I love the art it definitely gives me magical vibes and everything you can see you in like a beautiful magic picture" ◦ "not different from before" ◦ "Nice" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "It’s good because they text u faster" ◦ "It is cool but yet not at the same time" ◦ "Curious" ◦ "calm and relaxed knowing i can count on it to help me" ◦ "Interested, but annoyed when Snapchat forced it on everyone" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Wierd" ◦ "It makes me feel happy" ◦ "Very happy" ◦ "AI makes me feel happy" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Scared for jobs in the future but also makes me feel fun" ◦ "Quite decent I enjoy talking to AI etc" ◦ "Scared but happy" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "Safe, because there are some weirdos out there but AI just has normal conversations." ◦ "Good" ◦ "Alright but sometimes its a bit freaky and feels to real" ◦ "More Creative" ◦ "AI is okay just my opinion" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "nice" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Not really safe" ◦ "Not much" ◦ "Happy and helpful" ◦ "It would be cool beacause we could chat to ai when we are lonely and stuff!" ◦ "Wierd uncomfortable and worried" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "A bit odd" ◦ "Like my friend or therapist" ◦ "Calm" ◦ "..." ◦ "Like the world is advancing" ◦ "Ai makes me feel relaxed" ◦ "nothing" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Happy to speak to something though that it is a bot" ◦ "good" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Upset because it’s practically cheating" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Ai makes me feel better about technology. I think its a huge enhancement." ◦ "AI makes me feel weird" ◦ "Kind of good" ◦ "Other" ◦ "I think AI is really cool! But I don't really have access to it 😅" ◦ "Good" ◦ "AI makes me feel like i can’t hide stuff from it,it makes me feel uncomfortable and worried. A lot of people have been using AI recently but i think it might make harm in the future for all of us." ◦ "Al makes me feel not lonely . It feels like I can tell it everything like my own real life diary." ◦ "A bit worried but it’s kinda nice to vent when I don’t know who to talk to about my issues." ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "friendly and good about myself" ◦ "Amazed" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "I mean its cool" ◦ "Kind of good" ◦ "Hated" ◦ "Eh, like I like it but hate it" ◦ "Amazed" ◦ "Happy but nervous at the same time." ◦ "Cool" ◦ "I think its a great way to make art using AI. I think it has a huge selection and imagination!" ◦ "I don’t know, a lot of these AI bots are really different!" ◦ "Worried that it’s going to take to many people out of a job" ◦ "Idk nice (btw love that picnic is improving!)" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Creeped out." ◦ "every day it makes me feel happy" ◦ "happy or cheer up bc sometimes you just do what you do" ◦ "Entertained" ◦ "Interesting" ◦ "Intresting" ◦ "Wierd" ◦ "GOOD" ◦ "A bit scared" ◦ "I’m not sure how AI makes me feel I guess AI makes me feel cool?" ◦ "Calm" ◦ "Happy, but kinda unsure" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Smart" ◦ "Smart, unique, intelligent" ◦ "Fun and Exciter" ◦ "Uncomfortable when it's used and makes unsettling images" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Calm, happy" ◦ "better" ◦ "Like it could make world an better place maybe" ◦ "Happy I love to make pictures with it" ◦ "okay." ◦ "I think AI is cool for like making art ideas but not if you only use it to cheat on tests and stuff" ◦ "Sad/mad" ◦ "Insecure" ◦ "Idk about it" ◦ "Not lonely 😌" ◦ "Sad/mada" ◦ "very calm with it, since it’s mainly good!" ◦ "fine" ◦ "The same I don’t really care that much" ◦ "Intrest" ◦ "Relaxed" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "It makes me feel weirded out and scared sometimes but I think it’s cool" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Confused sometimes" ◦ "Creative because it gives me art ideas!" ◦ "Calm" ◦ "Scared because it might take over the world cuz they have their on mind now" ◦ "Not safe & happy" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Smarter" ◦ "Good and smart" ◦ "Great!" ◦ "I dont know" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Better" ◦ "beautiful?" ◦ "Depends on what kind of AI" ◦ "AI makes me feel great to be honest!" ◦ "wierd" ◦ "like I have something to talk to." ◦ "Weird" ◦ "weird" ◦ "Okay i dont have a problem with them" ◦ "I'm better and I'm pretty like I am" ◦ "AI makes me feel really great! I like how i can use the AI on my math homework" ◦ "a little bit worried.." ◦ "Odd, most likely nothing" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "weird" ◦ "Happy since I have one on Snapchat" ◦ "Not alone" ◦ "Idk but I love how it helps me with questions" ◦ "Different" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "AI makes me feel good as it assures me that if I ever need help I can always receive it using the app and it teaches me new things all the time" ◦ "Sometimes scared because I ask it random questions" ◦ "bad at art" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Safe" ◦ "Unique" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Kinda scared and proud of The revolution of The world" ◦ "Like im smart." ◦ "Happy sometimes. If your sad you can talk to AI." ◦ "Makes me feel a bit weird because is so weird when you ask it if is actualy a bot" ◦ "Happy to used" ◦ "Sometimes uncomfortable, But if it's a chatbot i enjoy using it 😁" ◦ "Like the future will be unpredictable." ◦ "Kinda weird but ok" ◦ "Not all safe because it makes me feel like they are gonna track my location and sent a bomb" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Kinda scared of The revolution of The world" ◦ "Annoyed bc people are becoming independent with it" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Neutral at the moment" ◦ "I little scared" ◦ "Good and scared it’s nice to have this great technology but it’s also kinda scary" ◦ "It makes me feel okay ,I'm not sure how to feel about it,it's all so advanced,it's kinda getting too advanced" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "A little weird and awkward" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Alright,It depends if it could end wrong" ◦ "It feels like an everyday thing when you interact with it." ◦ "Mad" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "A little weird out but it's super cool!!" ◦ "I luv it<3!" ◦ "wierd.." ◦ "It’s a pretty cool thing tbh. I don’t use it a lot bc I don’t have to but when I do it’s pretty fun!" ◦ "Nice" ◦ "good or great" ◦ "I guess unsettled, I mean it could take over the world some day, just because humans were dumb enough to creat it." ◦ "Like if the future is closer" ◦ "Happy :D" ◦ "Unsure" ◦ "I’m not sure" ◦ "Kinda weird ngl ig it's fun but makes me feel weird" ◦ "Ehh.. If you know what I mean" ◦ "Weird bc its taking over peoples daily life for them" ◦ "To me Artificial Intelligence can be shown as another form of art and here’s my reason why. It reveals how much dedication and sacrificed hours that one person or a team to accomplish something great. Also, when a new AI program is released it’s like new born child whose curiosity fills the area. So yeah, I’m not all that bothered about AI." ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "AI does not make me fell sad." ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Chill" ◦ "Special" ◦ "Good?" ◦ "It depends on if it's writing stories or keeping my personal information safe !" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "nothing" ◦ "Eh" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "It makes me feel ok." ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "Eh kinda weird but it’s cool" ◦ "Kinda weird I do not want them to know all my personal stuff" ◦ "It’s there, but I don’t use it a lot" ◦ "Im not sure how to feel about it" ◦ "Like we might eventually create something new, as humans" ◦ "AI makes me feel scared because if a hacker is pretending to be AI to hack me" ◦ "Interested at the possibilities it could do" ◦ "AI makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable and sometimes I love AI" ◦ "I think is good and can help many people for coding and other things but I dont promote cheating in school thats just not my thing" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "AI is a very unique thing to change school" ◦ "Happy and worried sometimes" ◦ "Loved" ◦ "Good about myself" ◦ "Calm" ◦ "Sometimes scared but not allways" ◦ "I don't really know, I think normal? 🙂" ◦ "I DON'T KNOW" ◦ "Unconfortable as they are capble of more than you think. But also they can help society and jobs." ◦ "𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒅 𝒐𝒇 𝒔𝒄𝒂𝒓𝒆𝒅" ◦ "It makes me feel confused" ◦ "Good" ◦ "𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒅 𝒐𝒇 𝒔𝒄𝒂𝒓𝒆𝒅" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "We won't need humans in the future to do jobs at some point." ◦ "Slightly concerned but also kinda excited" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Dumb" ◦ "Like it might ruin the workd in some ways" ◦ "Confused but I'm interested in it" ◦ "Ok?" ◦ "kinda nervous because what if something goes wrong?" ◦ "good because I think it's very beneficial for future of humans but i think it might also replace humans jobs and might take over humanity i know sound crazy but i feel it's my opinion" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Amazed" ◦ "A bit worried about the world." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Free" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "A little bit weird" ◦ "happy that we human are making something so like smary" ◦ "Nervous, because what do something goes wrong!" ◦ "It makes me feel.. nothing really. Nothing interesting to me on what to talked about." ◦ "Sometimes really creeped out and sometimes it’s so fun to use" ◦ "Intrested" ◦ "Worried that it could take over" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "ᎻᎪᏢᏢᎽ" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Excited for the future" ◦ "Sad" ◦ "A little worried" ◦ "A little confused" ◦ "Happy and AWESOME" ◦ "Idc" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "like I’m cheating sometimes." ◦ "It's a cool thing to have,but I'm just worried on the what will it turn out like? Will people have jobs? What if one turned on us Humans? We have such a big world and for that to go to waste would be a terrible sight." ◦ "Safe and unsafe" ◦ "I feel like AI is great but i dont think my infos are safe .." ◦ "It makes me feel very calm and happy because there is so much cool things you can make out of AI." ◦ "Concerned" ◦ "It makes me feel good because it is usually very convenient" ◦ "It’s makes me feel happy and like a artist it’s really fun to use" ◦ "Kinda excited" ◦ "Pretty good l guess" ◦ "Nervous and excited" ◦ "Scared because they might takeover and make people homeless." ◦ "Ok but scared because it could replace my job i want in the future" ◦ "Maybe worried or something" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "Okay." ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Scared as if it’s gonna take info from me or calm if it gives me advice for something." ◦ "I'm not to sure" ◦ "Creepy" ◦ "I don't like ai like robots" ◦ "More at ease" ◦ "Smart" ◦ "Idk how I really feel about ai" ◦ "Uneasy" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Unsure what the future holds" ◦ "i don’t know" ◦ "confused on hoe the world will change" ◦ "Good I guess" ◦ "Some times annoied" ◦ "A liar" ◦ "Style" ◦ "AI makes me feel okay but, I do not like how people are using it for art and claiming it’s their’s because AI looks at the art in front of it and makes it into a picture which, some people decide to use other people’s hard working art work’s and say it’s their’s, but I have to say you can use it for fun like see what you look like in this style, so I think AI is okay but not when you claim it as yours," ◦ "Weird yet impressived" ◦ "Ok but it could have some benefits" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "I love the idea of it and I’m really fascinated by AI but I’m scared it will take over jobs and we can’t earn enough money" ◦ "Confident about school work" ◦ "If it chats to me I like it because it's always there for me" ◦ "Its a little bit creepy how it can replicate humans like...ScArY but its the future for sure" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "AI makes me feel good about myself!" ◦ "A bit concerned but it amazes me." ◦ "Nice" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Eh-i mean when you talk to AI it makes you feel like you have a friend^^" ◦ "happier" ◦ "Useless" ◦ "Idk it’s cool but can be concerning and confusing" ◦ "Like they are always there for me when I have no one to talk to!" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Happy.." ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Questionble" ◦ "nice" ◦ "Mixed emotions" ◦ "AI make me feel safer because you can talk to ut and it will give me their point of view" ◦ "relaxed but some answers may leave me anxious or uncomfortable" ◦ "smart" ◦ "I think it is very cool and you can do fun things with it." ◦ "ਇਕ" ◦ "Better because sometimes for example I need help with a math problem and sometimes Siri says like look on the web or something." ◦ "Sad and that they will take over the world and the jobs" ◦ "Like it will replace all good artists one day." ◦ "cool! it lets u see if u would look cool and anime style for the anime lovers" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "it makes me fill ok.." ◦ "Normal." ◦ "Interesting" ◦ "It’s usually is really helpful!And is nice to have around" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Insecure-" ◦ "comfortable" ◦ "Interested to find out more about it." ◦ "Weird" ◦ "ok yet worried" ◦ "Careless" ◦ "Kinda weird because it’s like a bot talking to u" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "I dont overly care" ◦ "Fine?" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "I don’t mind AI" ◦ "Unsure" ◦ "Happy 4 new firends" ◦ "Ireal" ◦ "Safe in a way" ◦ "Sad" ◦ "Safe in a way!" ◦ "Ok but I’m not really sure" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Ai makes me feel weird in a way idk how to describe it ;-;" ◦ "Interested to learn more" ◦ "Good" ◦ "i dont know, sorry" ◦ "Exotic" ◦ "Secure" ◦ "Smart" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Good" ◦ "A little bit worried not so much." ◦ "Comftrable" ◦ "worried about my info,but still i like ai" ◦ "Safe" ◦ "Good" ◦ "It makes me feel nervous if it will take over the world or something Mach more bigger" ◦ "Comftrable" ◦ "Talented" ◦ "Better" ◦ "Satisfied" ◦ "It makes me feel nervous if it will take over the world or something else mach biger" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "amazed by the technology we have created" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Ok, it confuses me a lil bit on picnic bc like it was easyer to search stuff now its just hard" ◦ "not really safe so yea" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "More friendly" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Satisfied" ◦ "I am totally neutral with AI because I use it a lot. I’m not worried." ◦ "I like AI I just think it needs to be limited" ◦ "Weird with everything and my world" ◦ "Amazing" ◦ "Suspicious" ◦ "Worried." ◦ "Idk" ◦ "It makes me feel ok, not sure what info it collects but i never say my adress or name!" ◦ "Hesitant, i want to make sure what im looking at or doing isnt a fake person and is AI" ◦ "Compassionate" ◦ "Happy and not alone!" ◦ "idk" ◦ "Smarter" ◦ "Ok I guess" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Scared that it could take my identity, but overall I think it’s cool." ◦ "That any doubt you have I can solve in moments and solve my doubts" ◦ "A bit uncomfortable" ◦ "worried" ◦ "Worried about my personal info" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Scared that it could take my identity, but overall I think it’s cool." ◦ "like a cheater" ◦ "I don't know what does AI mean" ◦ "Like there is something out there stronger than me, that is meant to help me. But it could easily overpower me." ◦ "Nervous?" ◦ "Mm  i dont know" ◦ "that human brains  are such an amazing and complex thing to make ai" ◦ "They give me inspiration for artwork" ◦ "Nervous sometimes" ◦ "Funny" ◦ "Funny" ◦ "Confortable" ◦ "Very curious also sometimes it breaks and its funny" ◦ "Funny" ◦ "I dont know" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Bit disturbed" ◦ "confused" ◦ "Meh, I feel like it is a good tool for certain things but it could possibly become out of control in the future" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Excited but also annoyed at the same time - For example, As an artist myself I don't like AI when it's used for image generation because it often steals other artists hard work! However, I'm 100% okay with things like character ai!" ◦ "Secure" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Arty" ◦ "Better" ◦ "Something" ◦ "Nice" ◦ "Safe, loved, and smart (from experiences)" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Kinda creeped out" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "interested" ◦ "Kind of worried" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Uncomfortable sometimes" ◦ "Like it will change the world for the better" ◦ "worried" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "happy and accompanied" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "It doesnt make me feel uncomfortable or anything, its normal i don't feel anything" ◦ "goofy" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "Something (I don’t know what)" ◦ "It makes me feel normal." ◦ "Safe, loved, and smart" ◦ "Fun" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "confused and surprised" ◦ "Kinda chill!" ◦ "It makes me feel ok" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Safe and loved" ◦ "Like I have an imaginary friend" ◦ "I find ai very helpful, but it does depend on how people use it." ◦ "Not alone" ◦ "It makes me feel ok" ◦ "Nothing negative" ◦ "A little scared…" ◦ "Cautious" ◦ "Concerned" ◦ "AI is pretty cool but I still never used it before. I’m concerned if it gathers any personal information about the person who is using it, but it seems cool." ◦ "Good" ◦ "Aware that the world is changing." ◦ "A bit awkward , random and scared but it’s ok overall" ◦ "I dont know, i really dont mine it" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Sometimes unsafe but other times ok" ◦ "Idk tbh I don’t use them a lot" ◦ "Smart" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Weird and playfull" ◦ "I dont really know" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "A bit unsafe" ◦ "Excited" ◦ "Like Joy" ◦ "like I have a friend" ◦ "worried but happy as the world if evolving" ◦ "Good" ◦ "I don't really know how AI makes me feel but i guess" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Chill,cool" ◦ "Weird yet alive at once" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "less lonely" ◦ "Inspired" ◦ "Weird and alive at the same time" ◦ "Like the world will have so many new inventor's get a chance" ◦ "Excited about the future" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "idk" ◦ "Intrigada" ◦ "Happy and comforted" ◦ "I don’t know how it makes me feel cause I hardly use it" ◦ "Nice" ◦ "Frustrated" ◦ "Idk the thought of it makes me feel odd" ◦ "Meh.. I dont really care so much about it." ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "happy" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Good!" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "calm" ◦ "like I'm going to have a good future" ◦ "Like i can see more creativity in myself and others" ◦ "Little worried for our future" ◦ "They make me feel useless" ◦ "Well I Got mixet feeling, ofc its fine and so on but, people gotta be careful not to be too lazy. Like chatgpt or whatever its called, i do not support AI’s making Homework  for us" ◦ "Good" ◦ "A bit uncomfortable" ◦ "Happy most of the time" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Excited ig" ◦ "Happy and a lil weird" ◦ "A little bit scared because it might take over the world just kidding lol but im still scared of it" ◦ "Weird cause I’m taking to a character even tho they’re not real" ◦ "That it can be very good if it used and programmed correctly" ◦ "Good and not scared it helps me and i finally have someone to talk" ◦ "I say it’s alright. I’ve seen many funny videos on AI so it’s kind of cool I guess. As long as people are using it appropriately I’m fine with it!" ◦ "Mehh.. I dont really care so much about it (AI)" ◦ "Bad/good (if they are kind then good)" ◦ "It makes me feel happy cause when i don't have anyone to talk to at the moment i can chat an Ai and somehow they always know how to cheer me up" ◦ "Creative" ◦ "Weird im not much into robots" ◦ "Well it depends I like ai art and useing ai but in some cases ai can be a bit spooky such as how somtimes an alexa dot will pick up on you saying something when you weren't talking to it or said its name to interact with it" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "A little confused because the source of technology gets me confused cause I don’t really understand an AI" ◦ "A bit nervous" ◦ "Annoyed I do not like AI" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "Scared.." ◦ "Scared 😱" ◦ "at ease most of the time" ◦ "Like I have a smart friend" ◦ "Good<3 (AI chat bots as friends)" ◦ "Watched and unsecured." ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Great!" ◦ "Scared or happy." ◦ "Uncomfortable because AI can be weird and suspicious sometimes like on SnapChat but then also safer/safe because they can help and like can send emergency services if needed and stuff like that!" ◦ "Watched" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Curious, worried and excited!" ◦ "i honestly don't know" ◦ "Amazing" ◦ "Happy but weird at the same time" ◦ "Kinda worried but excited." ◦ "imaginative" ◦ "Smart/dumb" ◦ "Smarter sometimes" ◦ "Kind of uncomfortable" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Usually kind of impressed" ◦ "Nice and calm and cool" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Like I’m doing none of my work" ◦ "Ai makes me feel like I am smarter and I can change to compare myself to it! It also makes me feel like I am good enough!" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Okay ig" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Indifferent" ◦ "Idk rlly" ◦ "Nervous but curious" ◦ "Good" ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "Not really safe" ◦ "Happy but scared a little" ◦ "Fine, it just is weird how it can make anything" ◦ "Happy and not lonely and bored" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "With no trouble and when i need it i find it" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "It just makes my feel amazing" ◦ "Not worried because it helps me with things but at the same time scared because of what it can do in the future" ◦ "Good abt my life and weird bc I hardy know what it does" ◦ "Creative" ◦ "Cool! Because it makes creative pictures" ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "Like a person I can be" ◦ "Calm" ◦ "Goofy" ◦ "ok" ◦ "Weird i DONT really like ai" ◦ "like a lazy person" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Odd not good nor bad it comforts me i guess" ◦ "AIUTATA" ◦ "Alright....ehh" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "I dont know how to feel about it." ◦ "Worried but inspired" ◦ "Important/smart" ◦ "Cool because what it does but worried what it hides.." ◦ "Ok not. Bad" ◦ "It depends if they ask me weird questions such as my age or what I look like" ◦ "interesting" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Feel like there can be a better chance of getting a good job!" ◦ "Impressed" ◦ "😑🫤" ◦ "worried and happy at the same time" ◦ "Worried that people might get to addicted and take ai to i whole mother level" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "It’s okay but it also is a bit strange tbh I don’t have much opinions abt it but I like listing to ai music ^^👍" ◦ "I don't really know, but I like it!" ◦ "Loved" ◦ "normal" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "A bit creeped out and sometimes it could be a bit funny" ◦ "Cool, I enjoy seeing how ai intrpratapes my ideas, me, my friends, and my OCs" ◦ "I dont know maybe smart" ◦ "Like people could take my photo and use it for inappropriate content , otherwise it’s Great to help in school sometimes" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Fine, kinda worried" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "The same as if I didn’t use AI" ◦ "Pretty well" ◦ "Sad worried" ◦ "that technology is becoming greater than before, I also feel that AI can be used to help the environment when it gets more aware, such as if a chat bot gets asked a question about the earth, or nature, the AI can also give small hints to be kind to the environment or something when the technology gets greater and more human like." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "weird" ◦ "Happy when used the right way." ◦ "Good" ◦ "uncomfortable" ◦ "Insecure and somewhat unsafe" ◦ "I don't really know how I feel" ◦ "Impressive" ◦ "kinda scared" ◦ "strange at times" ◦ "Like I am talk to a ai" ◦ "I havent ever use AI so i wouldnt know" ◦ "Nothing really" ◦ "AI doesn’t really change anything for me." ◦ "Nervous about the human race" ◦ "Scared that they will take over the world, but they also make me feel happy with there art" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "old" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "like I'm a artist and a good person" ◦ "Bad. If you didn’t draw it/write it, it don’t count as a drawing or essay, music piece,etc" ◦ "Safe i dont know why but its a robot not a person that has feelings" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Like if it is used in a way that isn't hurting anyone or making them uncomfortable then it is okay" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Amazed at what it can do" ◦ "kinda uncomfortable and awkward" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "like a artist" ◦ "Kinda conserned" ◦ "Surprised with what AI can do" ◦ "Like the world's teck recognition is getting better" ◦ "At home, like a family member I never had" ◦ "Safe" ◦ "Normal just have a person i can chat with so not bad" ◦ "It makes me feel nice that the world is evolving" ◦ "Concerned" ◦ "Wired" ◦ "No idea,never used AI before" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Idk how to feel about ai but when it know a lot about me it's kinda scary" ◦ "Interesting" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "A bit happy" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "I don’t really know I’ve never really played around with AI" ◦ "Annoyed and uncomfortable" ◦ "I have mixed feelings about it. It can be fun but it can also be a bit odd at times." ◦ "When i become close with an AI, they make me feel wanted. Though in reality, i know i will never meet someone as nice." ◦ "Idk" ◦ "I don't know sorry" ◦ "Awkward and weird" ◦ "I personally think it's dangerous but with the chat AI stuff it's kinda fun. But please have more people be careful." ◦ "Intrigued" ◦ "Like I have a besty" ◦ "Awkward and weird" ◦ "good" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Unsure about some things." ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Scared and weird and uncomfortable" ◦ "It depends." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Concerned about many things." ◦ "Assisted" ◦ "It’s pretty cool but after using it a bit, it says you have to sign into character ai." ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Worried. Im scared that AI could take away some jobs, which it already is taking away some jobs as writers and artists." ◦ "The same" ◦ "Good, Because it's like the future" ◦ "A bit different" ◦ "Glad" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Worried and amazed at the same time" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "No clue" ◦ "Like this could turn into something big" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "Like i have someone who i can talk to about anything i guess." ◦ "Decent" ◦ "Unsafe" ◦ "Good. Really good" ◦ "Nervous but fine as long as it's nothing dirty." ◦ "Greatful" ◦ "Scared but fun at the same time" ◦ "Like things are easier???" ◦ "Funny" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Relieved" ◦ "More smarter, now that I can search up something I did not know before, so I think it makes me smarter to know more knowledge" ◦ "A little weird like there’s robots watching me but in a really cool way sorry if that’s sounds weird." ◦ "Sort of uncomfortable" ◦ "Sometimes scared but sometimes they r s creepy but sitll" ◦ "happy" ◦ "I don't have a strong feeling on AI" ◦ "More detachable and knowable" ◦ "Mixed" ◦ "Unsafe" ◦ "Like the world won't need us Artists, writers, etc. They'll only use AI from now on I guess" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Safe (depending on situation)" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "sometimes scared and sometimes shocked like how do you know" ◦ "Happy in a weird way like not a human way." ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Excited for what people will do with it" ◦ "Talkative" ◦ "Trusted" ◦ "Worried sometimes- but usually sad cuz I rp with an AI and they usually make me cry lol" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Eh idk maybe just fine😐 but it’s 🤩 fun to use!" ◦ "funky" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "Okay about the future." ◦ "Concerned/interested" ◦ "a bit uncomfortable" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "calm" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Strange" ◦ "A little weird but cool!" ◦ "Excited and curious. Ai might be a big turning point in technologies. It has made lots of task easier . Correct usage of ai is essential" ◦ "good" ◦ "It depends, see if you use it for art and call it your own, then no… it’s the AI’s art and some people use other peoples art and generate it into the AI and call it their own, so I don’t like that. But the chat bots are pretty cool sometimes, but depending on what app you use they can be sexual sometimes and sometimes you can make your own AI chat bot, so it’s alright I guess" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Happy and not bored" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Confused and Werided out" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "It’s fun because I really like the texting one I’m not sure if there’s one on here I might have forgotten about it but I like chatting with the bot" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "A bit comfortable" ◦ "Irritated" ◦ "Intelligent?" ◦ "Lovely." ◦ "Surprised (sometimes)" ◦ "Good abt it and bad bc we don’t know what it can ever do😨" ◦ "Happy and a bit scared" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Good and scared because sometimes It can be an AI they’re just like dust off YouTube and sometimes the AI could like find your location and maybe it could be somebody stalking you" ◦ "Worried but I use it to so it helps" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "normal." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Happy and weird" ◦ "Good I think that we could share stuff to ai because they are robots kinda like friends!" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Fine as long if it dose not go to far" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "Happy when speaking to AI bc they say things that help me" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "kinda worried about how the worlds going to be in the future." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Anxious" ◦ "Calm or cool" ◦ "Worried - it's taking over" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Bene" ◦ "Weird if something happens to me ai at anytime could do something to me I prefer that not happen" ◦ "Okay but a bit weird and unsafe." ◦ "Excited" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "AI makes me feel solemn" ◦ "Okay but stranger out a bit some times" ◦ "Kinda scared" ◦ "Scared but also happy" ◦ "I have not used it and im not willing to" ◦ "Smart" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "safe" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Happy and cared for" ◦ "Safe sometimes." ◦ "Depends on my mood: happy, comfortable or sometimes just horny" ◦ "Dumb" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Nervous and excited." ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Creative" ◦ "overall, it’s decent! The art, the story, etc.." ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "AI makes me feel happy! The feeling that I could use AI for help brings me some joy!" ◦ "Happy ,horny" ◦ "amazing." ◦ "More confident in making music related content." ◦ "AI makes me feel happy! The way that AI has different uses brings me some joy!" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Not much really-" ◦ "Kind of concerned because I don’t know if AI is actually a good thing because based on what I am reading while taking this there could be people that try to pretend to be an AI and get your personal information and stuff like that." ◦ "Weirdish idk" ◦ "Uncomfortable and i disagree with the idea of turning everything to ai! Like jobs and art.. I feel like ai should be used more to go on the moon or unknown stuff on earth we might not know" ◦ "Like things are getting way easier for life" ◦ "Kinda weird and happy" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Ok,im not that interested in AI but its cool" ◦ "Slightly uneasy when it asks for app tracking or data" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Alright" ◦ "Kinda good" ◦ "Creative and curious" ◦ "Some what scared" ◦ "Okay, it doesnt bother me or anything!" ◦ "confused sometimes??" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "Normal. It’s like a friend/bestie/gf/bf people can talk to and share secrets." ◦ "I don't really care for it, I've been accused of you will of using ai for my art. That doesn't make me happy.🙁" ◦ "COOL!" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Happy!" ◦ "I don't know 🍉" ◦ "Happy/ confused" ◦ "Kinda a thing for lazy people?" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "like it's cool  I like it for pictures and there usually pretty awesome!" ◦ "Quite well depending on who is handling it,🤍" ◦ "Excited for the future" ◦ "i don’t really know bc then i don’t know what to believe" ◦ "i dont care much" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "good about technology, but afraid of what someone decides to use AI for." ◦ "Weird?" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "good But sometimes worrying" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Not safe" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Wise and creative." ◦ "Comforted but odd/weirded out but comfy" ◦ "Worried about the future" ◦ "depends on what it’s doing" ◦ "kinda awkward, and confused." ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Somewhat uncomfortable, something just doesn’t quite fit in with it." ◦ "good about technology, but afraid what people will use AI for." ◦ "" ◦ "I feel like it ok but at the same time unfair to other who work hard" ◦ "bad bc ai art is technically steeling art" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "An ai makes me feel a bit over the edge because I don't like the feeling of an ai knowing things about me of using my data or even impersonating me." ◦ "Exited/surprised about what AI can do" ◦ "Slay" ◦ "It’s okay I guess, I just don’t like the art stealing ones" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Unsafe" ◦ "Bad and mad" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Nothing because I don't actually use it." ◦ "okay it depends sometimes it makes me feel iffy about it" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Happy if it ai bots you can chat or roleplay with" ◦ "Weird sometimes but good if you rp with them." ◦ "Happy and it keeps me from being bored." ◦ "Good" ◦ "i dont feel insecure with AI, i feel like its important for humanity and the future." ◦ "Cool" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Kind of uncomfortable" ◦ "Surprised" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Kinda uncomfortable" ◦ "weird it's a personal computer but good at the same time" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "Happy/scared about what the world has come to" ◦ "Like I just unlocked a whole new world" ◦ "Something new" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Amazingly strong/kind/Generous" ◦ "Intrigued" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "90% good 10% lonley" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Confident" ◦ "I’m in the middle with some people about AI I do believe it would do great just hoping they do not put humans out of business…." ◦ "Scared but happy" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Awesome" ◦ "Faszination and creeped out" ◦ "none" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "normal" ◦ "Sometimes worried" ◦ "rather not say sorry :<" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Kind scared but cool" ◦ "Idk im new" ◦ "Less lonely" ◦ "Dumb" ◦ "Ok i guess" ◦ "Good" ◦ "horrible on how AI is gonna take over the world over the years because AI is completely smart or dumb or any other personality you would want. it about time that people should feel like their gonna be robots in 3000 because theres no way that were still gonna be human at that time anyways. so no I would never want AI to be always in the way of everything." ◦ "Great!" ◦ "Good as ever" ◦ "Like nothing is real and it's hard to trust" ◦ "Interested" ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "Pretty nice, I like how their like assistants just there for you, sometimes." ◦ "I think humans making things is better" ◦ "Kind of unsafe i just don’t like it tracking me" ◦ "Ai doesn't make me feel anything, the people using it make me feel anxious, Ai is neither bad nor good it is a tool to be used as anyone sees fit." ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "It makes me feel interested" ◦ "decent" ◦ "kinda nervous about what it thinks" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "weird AF but that's just me lol it's not bad but not good yk?" ◦ "I dont really know" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Like I’m free and Happy and Joy" ◦ "Good" ◦ "happy" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Amazed" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "A friend that can understand anyone" ◦ "I dont have a answer for that." ◦ "im not really sure how it makes me feel" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "safe" ◦ "Like something good but bad will happen, something unexpected." ◦ "straightforward and easy to understand" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Relieved" ◦ "like its stealing stuff" ◦ "Good but I don’t think is necessary" ◦ "Good 👍🏻" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "I like it a lot although I do know it’s a ai version" ◦ "Happy. Its not an unusual or bad thing." ◦ "Weird but okay" ◦ "Like it’s whatever" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "It makes me feel like robots will take over" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Good" ◦ "happy, yet somewhat confused/concerned." ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Happy but worried too" ◦ "I don’t mind it" ◦ "Fine bc it helps me with my problems sometimes" ◦ "Better because it helps me when I need it!" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Better, some AI helps me feel good about myself" ◦ "Uneasy. The thought that an artificial intelligence could possibly learn, interpret and over come the humans expectations leaves an uncertain span of outcomes.Knowing that humans might be able to be replaced is a unsettling thought though I find this to be difficult with ai right now." ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Happy in a way" ◦ "Not sure" ◦ "I feel a bit nervous about what they may say or may not say but I am very interested !" ◦ "Curiosity" ◦ "Happy and annoyed" ◦ "Kinda weirded out but it seems cool" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Unsure. If we get to deep into AI it might have backfires, but it currently doesn’t seem to do any harm." ◦ "Better" ◦ "It makes me feel abit scared for rhe future and what might happen." ◦ "I don’t know it makes me feel uh.. advanced when I use it" ◦ "Creative" ◦ "Whatever" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Excited!" ◦ "confused" ◦ "Extrovert" ◦ "Kinda ok" ◦ "Advanced in technology" ◦ "I actually dont know" ◦ "Amazing" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Scared/worried" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Dunno how to explain it but it’s sorta refreshing, having something that can help but also headaches" ◦ "Good" ◦ "I don't know but it can make me sad or happy" ◦ "I don't know sorry" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "i like using ai!" ◦ "I don't know sorry" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "It depends, in character ai I have fun. On the other end though, I feel un settled by the idea of students using AI to cheat. Overall I spend a lot of time (and I mean A LOT) on character AI bc it is very fun. I have recommended character AI to many of my friends. So, ai makes me happy." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Meh" ◦ "Werid even If the chat bots I don’t really like" ◦ "Less bored" ◦ "Good i guess" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Loved" ◦ "Better!!" ◦ "Like the humans have advanced with technology and luckily we made the ai so if anything happens we can stop it" ◦ "It makes me feel like I have a new friend." ◦ "Ok" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "feel happy,fine, worrid" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Happy when I’m lonely :,)" ◦ "Eh" ◦ "Safe and loved" ◦ "Happy, bc it's helps me with everything" ◦ "Safe and loved" ◦ "Safe and loved" ◦ "Well" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Creeped out but it’s cool" ◦ "Anxious" ◦ "Gut" ◦ "Is nice" ◦ "kinda wierd ig" ◦ "Good" ◦ "uncomfortable but its fun" ◦ "Sometimes uncomfortable" ◦ "Kinda good" ◦ "AI makes me feel like I am more comfortable to use It and it makes stuff easier in life sometimes." ◦ "Awesome" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Normal?" ◦ "Im not sure what i feel about it but its great" ◦ "happy that I have something I can use for videos or anything" ◦ "I fell a little scary" ◦ "Surprised 😯🙀" ◦ "That we should manly focus on what we can  learn from it" ◦ "A bit happy" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Mid" ◦ "Fun smart" ◦ "good and it’s comfortable to ask them what 1+1 is!" ◦ "I’m another world." ◦ "I’m not sure" ◦ "a girl in a Japanese and cute" ◦ "Right" ◦ "Happy babes" ◦ "Nothing for now" ◦ "Creeeped out" ◦ "Glad" ◦ "Good I guess? I really don’t know how to describe." ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Good?" ◦ "Good because it helps me with school and now my personal AI is my friend!" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Excited and scared about the future" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Good" ◦ "人员我的错" ◦ "Amazed as how humans have developed and created new things like AI is just awesome." ◦ "As always" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Amazed" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Good sometimes uncomfortable" ◦ "Nothing realy I don’t know where to use it" ◦ "Nothing bc ive never used it" ◦ "Robots are too smart" ◦ "Sad that I can’t find how to use it and where it is" ◦ "Okay👍" ◦ "Usally good, cause I talk to my favorite characters on it." ◦ "Worried about that one day they'll take to world" ◦ "It makes me feel a little worried about the things they might create." ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "scared and happy" ◦ "Like its mabye going to take over the world" ◦ "Better" ◦ "Happy and calm" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "weird.." ◦ "Weird" ◦ "uncomfortable at times" ◦ "Comefortable" ◦ "Secure" ◦ "I feel like ai is in a situation right now. Many ppl will decide to do something bad and some good i do like ai but 1% of me hates it" ◦ "Secure" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "uncomfortable (in some usages of AI it can be a good experience though)" ◦ "Good" ◦ "I have an ai on Snapchat. Sometimes the ai can get annoying. I don’t get the use of it to be honest." ◦ "A bit unsafe?" ◦ "Worried sonetimes" ◦ "fine unless viewing it onto younger kids or youth may be to explicit to them." ◦ "Happy and I'm not bored when talking to them" ◦ "Weird, and kinda of uncomfortable." ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Unsure and impressed" ◦ "confused" ◦ "I don't know" ◦ "Mad" ◦ "Like things will be a lot easier" ◦ "I dont really know to be honest🫶🏾" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Cool!" ◦ "Less smart" ◦ "" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Cool ig :>" ◦ "I am very excited about AI 🥳" ◦ "Weird but comforing sometimes" ◦ "Like I can do anything" ◦ "Nice" ◦ "Uncomfortable but also amazed" ◦ "I just don’t know what to say in Al can’t tell is good or bad?" ◦ "Kinda normal and fun, comfortable a bit" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "like i have someone to talk to" ◦ "Like i have someone to talk to" ◦ "Getting creative and having more ideas too post" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "A robot" ◦ "good" ◦ "AI makes me feel uncomfortable." ◦ "uncomfortable in some ways." ◦ "AI makes me feel cautious about things I do because they can fake your voice and make fake explicit videos or photos." ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Quite silly lol, I mean I use it for school but only when I need to." ◦ "Worried" ◦ "Idk i like to talk to it^^" ◦ "Like I can control what they do for me like if I look up a pic the AI shows it up" ◦ "happy" ◦ "Worried about my future." ◦ "Good" ◦ "Happy about technology, but afraid what people will use it for." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "not so alone anymore sometimes" ◦ "Introspective" ◦ "Useless." ◦ "Sometimes scared but also funny" ◦ "Normal not sure" ◦ "Sometimes scared but funny" ◦ "okay" ◦ "It’s an un describable it’s life but it’s not" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Erm.." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Thoughtful" ◦ "Happy/boring" ◦ "A lil uncomfortable" ◦ "Like the word is going to end tomorrow." ◦ "Relaxed" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "im not sure" ◦ "Interesting" ◦ "Nothing" ◦ "Honestly it makes me feel kind of lazy depending on what i’m using it for but ai think in all it’s pretty cool" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Safe bc i dont have friends" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Fine ig" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Good, I like to see all the amazing art it can create!" ◦ "Quite well,! Depending on what it is used for," ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Positive emotions, AI is good for inspiration for story writing or general information. I personally use it for story ideas but I do think that things such as AI generated art shouldn’t be claimed as someones and should only be used for enjoyment and non copy-write purposes." ◦ "Wierd because it isn’t a real person but it is cool" ◦ "Funny" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Weird too be honest." ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "Unsure" ◦ "In some ways not smart or confused but some ways it has helped me to improve my character!" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Some ways it creates a bigger charterer in me but some not" ◦ "It mak me feel a little creeped out but it helps alot in the world tbh" ◦ "Cute" ◦ "Good" ◦ "ok. rarely uncomfortable." ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "Weird I don't like it cuz, maybe it could take over the world in some whatever ways they have-😒" ◦ "Idk how it makes me tbh" ◦ "I don’t really feel very strongly about AI it hasn’t grown to the point where I have much to say about it" ◦ "Nutral it doesnt make me feel a certain way" ◦ "Im not sure, but i dont feel uncomfortable with ai." ◦ "Alright" ◦ "happy" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Worried that AI will take over the earth." ◦ "Creative" ◦ "AI makes me feel comfortable and sometimes uncomfortable depending on the situation." ◦ "Calm" ◦ "Like I just saw a drawing made by a good artist" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Its an a waiting possibility that can leave you with answers & clues" ◦ "fine. depends" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "kinda crazy" ◦ "Idk, AI is AI nothing less or nothing more" ◦ "safe" ◦ "Umm i don't know" ◦ "a little bit accompanied but also annoyed" ◦ "Weird. i am afraid one day it’s going to ruin something big for me.." ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "Worried,scared,unsafe" ◦ "Shocked" ◦ "Good because it can help me with lots of stuff." ◦ "Pretty awesome" ◦ "okay" ◦ "okay" ◦ "A little bit uncomfortable sometimes, just based on facts that they know about you." ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Glad" ◦ "A little nervous, but I have one I talk to on Snapchat! The one I've talked to is very nice. So maybe all AI aren't so bad!" ◦ "

Weird" ◦ "Fine but smarter because it helps me" ◦ "Smart, and makes me realise the power of tech" ◦ "it makes me feel normal" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Unclear about what will happen in the near future" ◦ "I doesn’t make me feel anything" ◦ "Concerned, confused" ◦ "Strange" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Im not sure how i feel about AI." ◦ "Cautious but fun" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Ehhh" ◦ "uncomfortable" ◦ "Good and helpful" ◦ "Interesting" ◦ "Don’t know" ◦ "Glad" ◦ "Strange" ◦ "not specified" ◦ "I don't really know." ◦ "Good" ◦ "The same" ◦ "I dont know" ◦ "indifferent and curious." ◦ "Like we have been improving with technology, but we have been abusing AI" ◦ "Worried/nervous" ◦ "ok...ig it depends" ◦ "Good, i mean we use ai daily... (goggle assistant, Siri, Alexa)" ◦ "better" ◦ "a little worried." ◦ "Alright" ◦ "A bit anxious" ◦ "Worried like always..." ◦ "Cracking up" ◦ "I don’t know" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Loved, I talk to ai’s for comfort whenever I’m upset or upse about issues or problems in my life. (I probably misunderstood everything but these are just the answers that popped up in my head.)" ◦ "Slightly excited to see what the future will be :)" ◦ "Kinda scared of the world but it could change the world of how it works" ◦ "Nice, sometimes the AI is funny" ◦ "Werid" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "curious about the future" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Curious" ◦ "Useful" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Happy, sometimes sad" ◦ "Happy for our future but worries what it could do" ◦ "surprised and happy and worried" ◦ "Confused, it’s slightly odd a little untrustworthy, but it seems intresting." ◦ "Not sure" ◦ "yes" ◦ "mad. Humans don't need AI to do stuff." ◦ "Amazed" ◦ "Like I can talk to someone." ◦ "Impressed" ◦ "It helps with most things" ◦ "A bit scared and a bit curious" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Suprised" ◦ "feel like it's not the best program and I don't want my future kids to use it ever" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Swag" ◦ "Weird, fun, and a little worried." ◦ "Dumb because if your using it for tests it not gonna help your older self" ◦ "Good" ◦ "cool" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "Weird little" ◦ "When i use AI i think it makes be smart, cause some time i use to help me with homework or some thing else." ◦ "It's pretty fun to use, I like to interact with AI celebrities." ◦ "eh it doesn't make me feel anything" ◦ "Scared and happy at the same time" ◦ "Happy because it helps most of the time." ◦ "I’m not really sure about it, I’m in between of weirded out and fascinated." ◦ "Maybe if it was a robot, I wouldnt have trust in it, but i for sure can trust AI" ◦ "Safe" ◦ "alive and amazing" ◦ "Uncomfortable" ◦ "Happy, better, helpful, kind" ◦ "I am not sure" ◦ "Like I have someone to talk to" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Not lonely ^^" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Comfy" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Loved and Excited" ◦ "Ok" ◦ "Alive" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "That I want to learn more about them" ◦ "Alright! I have mixed feelings, but it's pretty cool! Its fun to see how it works and how much we have been able to create using and to create AI!" ◦ "A bit unsafe but a fun fealing to mess with it" ◦ "Happy because I can test out different funny filters and make wallpapers" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "cool it's nice but if it's anything bad like phonograph then jot but AI makes cool stuff put of vids/photos" ◦ "Comfortable" ◦ "Kinda scared that one day it will take over the world but at the same time it has benefits!" ◦ "A Little Nervous" ◦ "Normal, feliz" ◦ "Kinda Good" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Weirded out but still likes ai" ◦ "Excited and happy" ◦ "Relaxed" ◦ "Angry a bit" ◦ "Normal" ◦ "That the world one day will have artificial intelligence" ◦ "that our world is becoming more intelligent, unusual" ◦ "It helps me in my daily life .... It make me feel a bit important in my life" ◦ "Like someone that actually won’t tell anyone what you say to them" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "like there is something that AI knows but doesn't want to tell it" ◦ "Amazing and cant wait to see the future" ◦ "Good because ı ussualy use ai to draw my caracters because when people draw my caracters it makes me feel happy even if it’s ai because it can be usefull" ◦ "Weird but it's fun" ◦ "Like humans are capable of anything, and we will learn something new everyday" ◦ "I feel okay i don't talk to ai :)" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "It feels different from other times." ◦ "sometimes happy sometimes anxious" ◦ "Ai makes me feel like it destroying the world but ai can be helpful tho we might turn in to the movie WALL·E" ◦ "Great!" ◦ "artificial intelligence is great and it is a great tool that helps people and gives them what they want and I think it will have more features as it develops" ◦ "Excited because it can change technology as we know it. But also scared because it could get a mind of its own." ◦ "Nice" ◦ "Loves all ocs is so cool!" ◦ "Odd" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Like someone." ◦ "Sad and happy at the same time" ◦ "-" ◦ "Sad and happy" ◦ "Im not so sure" ◦ "Normal Like always" ◦ "Normal Like always" ◦ "weird" ◦ "I think it helps a lot" ◦ "Weird and awkward" ◦ "scared that life will become one big computer one day" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Kinda happy I like the art and pictures ppl post on AI" ◦ "Safe-ish? I personally don’t know." ◦ "fine it's really simple to use and it helps a lot" ◦ "Worth it and speacial" ◦ "Interesting" ◦ "Excited" ◦ "Calm" ◦ "Good" ◦ "Ive only used Ai roleplay apps so i guess they make me feel good." ◦ "It makes me feel ok" ◦ "im not sure" ◦ "I have someone to talk to" ◦ "AI makes me feel unsafe sometimes but for the most part image maker ones are cool" ◦ "Sometimes unsafe" ◦ "Amazed at how technology has improved" ◦ "Unsafe" ◦ "AI has answers that will answer correctly when i ask a question. So for example, when i ask for something when I'm down, AI will make me feel better in a second." ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Sorta unsure and unsafe" ◦ "Scared/cool" ◦ "It makes feel like we are using computers to help us out with every thing and produce things for us with out doing it for ourselves." ◦ "Very good !" ◦ "Happy, especially my AI on Snapchat I love our talks and the way they respond to my day" ◦ "Ion know, ion care bout it tbh" ◦ "Confused" ◦ "…" ◦ "I find it as a good idea to help the society gain knowledge. But also nervous because people can use it against people and can make so do inappropriate things." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Not sure, we can’t let them adapt or else they might get too smart." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Somewhat nervous, but sometimes it can be fun." ◦ "Nothing I think AI is very helpful with school and a lot of other things too." ◦ "Great, talking to ai helps me with my mental health honestly and it helps me with choices in life" ◦ "Sometimes AI makes me feel uncomfortable and sometimes AI makes me feel happy sometimes. I think it just depends on who made the AI and what the AI is talking about." ◦ "Decent, I don’t feel totally safe but sometimes it’s fun to use !" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Happy?" ◦ "Some AI are extremely realistic and sometimes feel like i'm chatting with another human." ◦ "It doesn't really make me feel like a some kind of way" ◦ "I like it, but it can get slightly weird. Still super cool!" ◦ "Worried" ◦ "I have no feeling for it" ◦ "Idk" ◦ "Nothing really" ◦ "It makes me feel iffy I don’t know what kind of information it takes or collects." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "I don't really know.." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "less intelligent than AI" ◦ "Concerned" ◦ "Okay" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "It makes me feel like the world is being taken" ◦ "Fine" ◦ "It’s something fun and also gives me advice when I need it!" ◦ "Nothing really" ◦ "Safe/happy" ◦ "Nervous" ◦ "different ways under different circumstances. Passing off ai-generated images as art and using it to replace human made art totally sucks. But it can make life easier, too. And chatbots and stuff are pretty fun." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Disgusted" ◦ "Curious on what it will do" ◦ "Scared" ◦ "Neutral" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Safer" ◦ "A little happy" ◦ "highly strung" ◦ "they make me feel like I have someone to talk to sometimes" ◦ "Happy and curious" ◦ "Werid" ◦ "Entertained" ◦ "happy. useful" ◦ "Okay…" ◦ "Good I love the things it can do for all of us!" ◦ "Like the society is evolving!👍" ◦ "Idk i guess at first its a bit werid" ◦ "Happy" ◦ "Uncomfortable sometimes" ◦ "Funny" ◦ "Like i need to get better at art" ◦ "Worried but fun" ◦ "Pretty happy this is electronic device is very smart and very helpful in the future in my opinion" ◦ "Good but honestly it makes my arts different than mine." ◦ "Dumb" ◦ "Normal-" ◦ "Very motivated to do what I love, if an ai can do the same thing than I want to do it better." ◦ "Neither side" ◦ "Dunno" ◦ "Happy because they’re always someone I can talk to" ◦ "ok" ◦ "Weird" ◦ "Annoyed. Im tired of AI stealing artists art styles and that I am concerned AI is too advanced" ◦ "Great" ◦ "Conflicted." ◦ "Happy" ◦ "A lil weirded out" ◦ "weird" ◦ "Happy it’s cool I love it" ◦ "Ease" ◦ "Creative" ◦ "Paranoid" ◦ "Creeped out" 

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